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YOUTH PROGRAMME of the MAPP for the period 2014-17

The Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP) commenced creating and conducting a youth policy on each level through multi sector approach. In order to meet youth needs and interests, MAPP goal is to promote youth organizing, establishing measures and recommendations associated with the youth and their activities, strengthening and participation of youth in the public life and informing them on each level.
 Youth participation

Due to the increasing interest to participate in its activities and organization, MAPP has started working in the youth field from 2014. MAPP will propose to the youth to participate in its organizational activities, opportunities for active participation in international youth exchanges, trainings, camps and conferences which are organized by the MAPP, or where MAPP is acting as a promoter or partner organisation.

These activities are based on learner-centred methodologies that we are developing in cooperation with our partners from other countries, according to the EU and national priorities, and it is supposed to provide to the youth possibilities to gain personal development and acquiring skills that would increase work competency and participation in decision making processes.

Reflecting on our work and analyzing the situation in Macedonia, we have detected the following several key causes for youth marginalization:

Intergenerational poverty transfer, economical marginalization leading to social exclusion, established division on political grounds in the educational system and local youth councils, and underdeveloped system that would offer minimal measures to stimulate youth employability.

Apart from these key problems, MAPP will undertake to provide equal opportunities of young people in the labour market and to decrease their unemployment by introducing Youth Guarantee in R. Macedonia.

 What is the Youth Guarantee?

Youth Guarantee is a model that will enable young people to gain good - quality offer of employment, further education or retraining internships within four months of them leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.

MAPP will work on introducing (development) schemes for Youth Guarantee in Macedonia through the following measures:

  • Develop internship and retraining, improvement of working conditions and equal access for all young people, support for employers creating new jobs for young people, more subsidies and better conditions for employment.
 Strategic aims
  • Fostering social inclusion and employability of young marginalized people in Macedonia
  • Developing a Youth Guarantee scheme
 General goals
  • Establishing greater social inclusion of marginalized groups of young people in society and improving the conditions of employment
  • Raising awareness among the general and professional public on issues related to poverty and social exclusion among young people
  • Involving young people in decision-making process at local and national level
  • Eradication of Intergenerational transfer of poverty.
Youth coordinator: Sashko Jovanov

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