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Report of Second Conference for people experiencing poverty and social exclusion

Second conference for people experiencing poverty and social exclusion took place in Hotel Porta on the 29.09.2012 in Skopje. One hundred and fifty participants share their experience in one of the four working groups:

  • Social Care
  • Health care
  • Unemployment and
  • Gender equality

Each group had coordinator from the Executive board of MAPP, except the group Gender equality who had 2 coordinators one from E.B and one from Institute for human rights Ludwig Boltzmann. The goal of this conference was revision of the Declaration, created by 120 participants last year on the First conference, and making new requests to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Link of the MAPP Declaration:

 Download - MAPP Declaration People Living in Poverty and Social Exclusion

This year also, we had representative from Serbian platform who is member of EAPN. Press for the media was organized.

VIDEO PART 1 > http://youtu.be/XVRpO30OvOE
VIDEO PART 2 > http://youtu.be/xNgaBicbbiI
PHOTO > Gallery

The second part of the conference was on Square Macedonia where MAPP organized humanitarian public event with street artists. The Executive members decide donation from the humanitarian event to be given to NGO Lice v Lice who are potential member of MAPP. They need finances for publication of their street magazine Lice V lice and for capacity building of the children who are vendors of the magazine. The vendors are from NGO “Children’s rights”. The profit from selling the magazines goes 50% to the organization and 50% to the vendors.

More information about ‘’Lice V lice’’ please visits this link: http://www.liceulice.org/

These electronic mediums write about the conference and humanitarian event of MAPP.

VIDEO > http://youtu.be/jGs6jCPDAz8
PHOTO > Gallery



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